What’s The Best Electric Scooter? Our Top 5 Picks

A boy rides the Sonic XL electric scooterElectric scooters are a higher tech alternative to the kick scooter. Why push off with your legs in 2016 when an electric engine could do the work for you? If you want to do tricks or visit the local skate park then a kick scooter is your friend, but when you just want to ride around town, an electric scooter will work wonders.

Plus, it’s not only adults who can experience the joys of electric scooters, kids love them too and they make excellent gifts for birthdays and Christmas! In this article we will reveal our top 5 recommendations, listing the features of each model as well as the pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.

The Shortlist


Razor E125

Razor E125In fifth place we have the Razor E125, a great scooter manufactured by a reputable company. While the E125 doesn’t have all the bells and whistles you might expect from something more expensive, it’s a great choice for everyday use. We found this scooter to have a good battery life which lasted above and beyond the company’s stated 40 minutes and the 10 mph top speed feels fast for both adults and kids alike.

The main downside is that riders cannot immediately start the electric engine. Instead they will have to give the scooter a little push to reach 3 mph before the electric engine can take over. While it only takes a couple of kicks to reach a speed of 3 mph, but still effort that not everybody wants to put in.


  • Great value for money on a budget
  • Suitable speed for kids
  • Good battery life


  • Has to reach 3 mph manually
  • Plastic back wheel
  • No seated version

The Bottom Line

A good choice for children aged 6 – 9.

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Razor E200

Razor E200The Razor E200 is a slightly higher end electric scooter with better specs than the E125 model listed above. While a little pricier, the E200 boasts a 12 mph top speed (as opposed to the E125’s maximum of 10 mph) and a powerful yet pleasantly quiet chain-driven motor. Another advantage is that neither of the wheels are plastic, which means they will last longer and not become worn down so quickly with heavy braking. The use of two penumatic tires means you are able to ride on all sorts of terrain including grass.

As with the E125 we found this model to have excellent battery life lasting beyond what the specs state, we were able to get 70 minutes of ride time from a single full charge which really impressed us!


  • Good speed
  • Good value for money
  • Seated version available
  • Fantastic battery life


  • Speed dips quite a lot riding up steep inclines
  • May be too fast for some children
  • Rare but possible battery defects

The Bottom Line

An affordable scooter with a decent speed.

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Pulse Performance Sonic XL

Pulse Performance Sonic XLPulse Performance has built a name for itself as a manufacturer of quality products and the Sonic XL is no exception! The Sonic XL is a fantastically built scooter using high end parts, which is apparent from the moment you open the box. They have engineered this model with an extra large deck (the part you stand on) which allows for better handling and stability, and along with the large air-filled scooters we found it made for a great ride.

Charge time lasted around 50 minutes for us, which is not quite as long as we managed to get out of the Razor scooters, but the Sonic XL is also more powerful with a higher top speed of 13 mph, so this was not surprising. Great for riding on all sorts of terrains and for handling hills. The only thing we could say is to be careful giving this scooter to young children who will not use it responsibly due to the high top speed.


  • Excellent quality
  • Very high top speed


  • Top speed may be troublesome for irresponsible children

The Bottom Line

High speed and impressive quality at a good price.

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Pulse Performance Super C

Pulse Performance Super CThe Super C by Pulse Performance lives up to the brand’s reputation for producing quality scooters. Again we were impressed with the build quality which has a robust feel, thanks to the reinforced high tensile steel parts. In addition to this, the Super C is kitted out with all the bells and whistles, with one of the focal points of the design being its speedometer (which also displays information about the remaining battery life and the distance you’ve travelled)! It’s also the fastest scooter on this list, with a whopping maximum speed of 15 mph!

When it came to handling, we found the Super C to excel, thanks in part to the extra wide composite deck and aluminum panel. Even when travelling at top speed it feels controlled, and the braking (aided by a disc brake on the front wheel) is smooth with no dangerous jerking.

Despite the power and the addition of a “dashboard”, we were racking up ride times of 50 minutes before having to go back for a recharge.


  • Speedometer with battery life and distance information
  • The highest speed of scooters we reviewed
  • Solid battery life despite the high specs
  • Quality high tensile steel parts


  • A little pricier than lower end scooters

The Bottom Line

High spec scooter with great features and top-end build quality.

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Glion Dolly (Model 200)

Glion Dolly Model 200At number one, there was really no other choice – it’s the Dolly self-standing electric scooter by Glion! The Dolly is a serious piece of kit with a top speed of 15 mph (matching the Super C by Pulse Performance) which is intended for use by adults commuting to work. It was featured on the popular crowdfunding website Kickstarter where the public donated over $50,000 to bring it to market. Of course, even if you aren’t a commuter you can use it for everyday travelling or just for having fun riding around the local park (which is exactly what we did with it).

When it came time for the test ride, we were immediately impressed. The Dolly has an extremely smooth ride, in fact it felt like we were gliding through the air! It also handles like a dream, even though it wasn’t built for off-road use we found that it performed great on all kinds of terrain. The high-end nature of the product was obvious from the get-go too, all of the parts feel quality and well manufactured, and it feels strong which is rare for portable scooter. The battery life is on another level. The Dolly can cover a remarkable 15 miles thanks to a 36 volt lithium ion battery. When it runs out of juice, simply hook it up for around three hours and you’re ready to go again!

The Glion Dolly folded awayIn terms of commuting, you will know that sometimes even trying to hold up a newspaper on the subway can be a pain during rush hour. Don’t worry! One of the main selling points of the Dolly is that it can be quickly folded away and can be wheeled around with you just like luggage. This also means you will be able to find a spot for it in the closet instead of having to leave it lying around on the landing.

There are just so many good things to say about the Dolly which is why it was a no-brainer for our number one spot!


  • Top speed of 15 mph and battery covering distances of 15 miles
  • Folds up, making for easy storage and convenient commuting
  • Top-end build quality with well manufactured parts
  • Smooth ride that feels like “gliding”


  • Higher price than the other scooters

The Bottom Line

A fantastic quality product, every feature stands out in its own right. Great for commuters. We love it!

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