What’s The Best Kick Scooter? Our Top 5 Picks

Kick scootersWho said kick scooters were only for kids? In recent times, more people are trying to find healthier and economically friendly ways of traveling, for which the kick scooter is a perfect match.

Among commuters, these scooters have been picking up an enormous amount of popularity due to them being more convenient than a bike. This is mainly due to the fact that they can be easily stored and taken onto places, such as buses, trains, etc.

Below we have compiled a list of what we believe to be the best top 5 kick scooters on the market.

The Shortlist


Micro “White & Black” Adult

Micro Scooter

Our fifth choice is the Micro “White & Black” Adult scooter. This scooter manufactured by Micro-Scooters has a wide variety of features for all types of rider. A smooth and comfortable operation equals pure perfection for those wishing to commute long or short distances.

One of the main drawbacks that has been noted for this model is the rather small platform. Apart from this, other disadvantages are not mentioned often, making this a reliable piece of kit.


  • Strong build & durable
  • Ability to hold a good amount of weight


  • Small platform
  • The Heavy wheels can make this scooter a slower ride than others listed below

The Bottom Line

A great choice for the everyday commuter.

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Razor A5 Lux

Razor A5 Lux

The Razor A5 Lux is listed in our top 5 for many reasons. Firstly it’s important to note this scooter will be able to transport riders up to 220 pounds (15 stone), and is popular among many adults due to its easy to fold and ready-to-go design. Since 2000, Razor has provided an awesome selection of scooters, proving itself as producing reliable well built scooters designed for any purpose. The foam grips and flexibility make the Razor A5 Lux perfect for those commuting or wanting to ride long distances. Having received many positive reviews over the past few years, this scooter deserves 4th place on our list.

The A5 is lighter than most Xootrs and Gopeds, it also arrives assembled and can be folded into almost any storage space available making it a great choice. Finding any faults is very difficult indeed!


  • Easy to build up speed
  • Exceptional value for money
  • Very flexible
  • Strong wheels – making a smooth ride


  • Can be rattly with long usage
  • Brakes can wear down over time

The Bottom Line

A very well priced and well built scooter, best suited for those aged 8-25 years.

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Xootr Mg with Fender


With it’s solid Magnesium deck and low featuring platform, this scooter can certainly glide along and is sure to save you hours of walking. In defiance of the rather high price tag compared to most kick scooters, the Xootr Mg provides one of the strongest build qualities of all other kick scooters on the market.

Providing the perfect mix of mechanical efficiency, size, style and quality. Xootr Mg have designed a cool looking, heavy duty piece of kit, however with almost every scooter it does have it’s minus points. These points have been listed below.


  • Replacement parts are easy to find
  • Large platform
  • Will support users up to 380 pounds


  • Overall heaviness
  • Can be ratty
  • Might be seen as expensive

The Bottom Line

A fantastic all-rounder, suitable for any age group.

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Globber One – Adult

Globber scooter

Perhaps one of the best scooters for commuters is the adult “focused” scooter, Globber one. Not only will it be able to squeeze into just about any tight storage space, but it delivers some revolutionary, patented features. The Globber one is able to hold 220 pounds of weight and can be adjusted up to 1.9 metres in height. Additionally, the scooter offers a “trolley mode feature” whereby the user will be easily able to fold it for very easy storage.


  • Awesome design for adults
  • Suitable for any age group
  • High quality parts
  • Comfortable and smooth ride


  • A little pricier than lower-end scooters

The Bottom Line

An overall awesome scooter, highly recommended for adults.

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Oxelo Town 9 Easy Fold Adult Scooter

Oxelo Town Scooter

Deciding what will be our number one choice was most certainly a difficult one. However, after thorough testing of many models as well as gathering poll results we believe the best choice has been made. This scooter is known as the Oxelo Town 9. The Oxelo Town 9 is not made by a scooter-specific manufacturer, but by a major sports enthusiast store called Decathlon. Since it’s release, the scooter has received many positive reviews and fits just about any purpose perfectly!

Highly rated by commuters, the Town 9 features ultimate comfort, having added both front suspension, anti-vibration dampeners on the rear wheel and a new rubber grip on the deck.
Oxelo scooter box
Due to Decathlon’s patented technology of the EasyFold, you’ll be able to quickly and easily fold and unfold this scooter in seconds.


  • Ability to ride fast and smoothly
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Highly rated by commuters
  • Strong build and durable


  • Higher price than the other scooters

The Bottom Line

Despite the higher price tag, it’s worth every cent in terms of performance, build quality and suitability!

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