Kick scootersThe Cycleboard is going to become the new scooter phenomenon for numerous riders. Starting out as another project on crowd funding sites, the scooter is slowly proving itself to be a brilliant piece of kit. Versatile, portable and fast, the Cycleboard certainly packs a punch with it’s ability to handle speeds of up to 20mph.

From it’s humble beginnings on Kickstarter, the Cycleboard is slowly building up it’s reputation as a safe and perfect little rider for all types of people of any age.

Note From The Editor: You can currently pre-order your own Cycleboard at the official store!

Specs & Features

Distance Coverage15-20 Miles

Each charge should give you around 15-20 miles worth of riding. Make use of the 5 power modes provided to get the most out of each charge.

Due to it's light and durable design, the Cycleboard can be a quick moving reaching speeds of up to 20mph!

Design & Ride

Me-Mover FIT design

As noticeable from the above image, the scooter offers a wide range of features and attachments if needed. Many of the features we have appreciated most include:

  • USB port (For charging, etc)
  • Speed controller
  • LCD display used as a speedometer or odermeter
  • Five different power modes

At A Glance:

A sleek design, comfortable riding with a well assembled frame. The Cycleboard is a real glider.


Speed & Distance Coverage

Reaching speeds of up to 20mph and featuring 5 different power modes, the Cycleboard certainly delivers good distance coverage. If you happen to run out of battery, don’t worry as the free wheels work very well for kick-scooting.

The average charging time is between 2-5 hours from using a standard wall socket.



Due to it’s wide grip handle bars and frame, handling the Cycleboard is very simple for any one of any age group. The handle bars can be adjusted for various heights and can be collapsed when taking the scooter onto public transport.

The scooter also performs well when riding with another person on the back due to it’s flexible handling and power.


Special Features

Portable width=

The Cycleboard features a variety of add-ons and components which make it very appealing. As noticeable from the above image, it’s portable and easy to move around with it’s aircraft-grade aluminium frame.

At A Glance:

Able to handle a lot of handy features such as USB charging ports, GoPro attachments, etc.

Cycleboard scooter
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The Good And The Bad


  • Electric or Kick Start
  • Unlike many scooters. The Cycleboard can be used as both an electric and manual kick scooter making it highly practical.

  • High quality materials
  • Once again we have noted the solid build quality available.

  • Accessories available
  • As previously listed the scooter delivers some amazing ways to add many attachments.


  • The Price
  • The Cycleboard is not the most affordable scooter on the market. However it’s important to remember this scooter is unique in a variety of ways.