Woman rides the Smart Ped

FlyKly, the company behind the Smart Wheel, has a new invention up its sleeve. The Smart Ped is a folding scooter which is manually operated with electrical assistance. Unlike most electric scooters the engine isnt activated with a switch but by the action of pushing off the floor. When a rider gives a push the electric engine kicks in to carry the scooter for a little over 8 minutes depending on the slope and resistance of the terrain.

We were fortunate enough to get the chance to review this invention before it went to mass market.

Specs & Features

Distance Coverage50 kilometers (31 miles).

Thanks to manual assistance and the inclusion of a powerful Lithium-ion battery, the Smart Ped can cover impressive distances of around 50 kilometers.
Speed25 kp/h

At its limits the scooter can reach a jaw-dropping speed of 25 kp/h (16 mp/h)!

Design & Ride

A shot showing the FlyKly scooter's design

The design is clean and minimalist featuring a black and white color scheme with the logo on the front. Very appealing to the eye and looks professional.

A main selling point of the scooter is its ability to fold away quickly and easily. This makes it ideal for commuting because you can quickly fold it up when getting on the subway then unfold it and ride once you’re back on the streets. The deck was comfortably wide giving us a lot of space to stand on. As for the feel of the ride, the best way to describe it is that its like riding a kick scooter down a never-ending hill. Just a couple of pushes then you can stand on it and glide for nearly 10 minutes on a flat surface.

At A Glance:

Practical for commuters with an easy ride, though we preferred the Glion Dolly which is also cheaper.


Speed & Distance Coverage

The Smart Ped can reach very high speeds of up to 25 kp/h (15.5 mp/h) which makes it feel almost like a mini moped. To reach top speeds however, a rider will have to give a few hard pushes, which really isn’t all that difficult. As for the distance the scooter is able to travel, riders can expect it to keep going for 50 km (31 miles) but going up slopes can limit the range as well as the speed.

If you’re not comfortable with high speeds don’t worry, the scooter only goes as fast as you want it to, and gentler pushing will allow you to cruise at a moderate pace.

At A Glance:

A high top speed of 25 kp/h and a range of 50 kilometers makes this scooter a formidable choice.



The scooter provides an easy and enjoyable ride, we loved riding around the park at high speeds. When we tested it on different terrains it remained easy to control though the harsher terrains like muddy fields were a challenge. Because of how the engine works we found ourselves tempted to give a little extra assistance when tackling hills to avoid draining the battery.

Braking feels smooth but responsive thanks to the V brake attached to both the front and rear wheel.

The smooth rubber tyres are great for speed in good conditions and when riding on asphalt though if the ground is icy it will not have enough grip.

At A Glance:

Provides a smooth ride but might not be suitable for icy weather.


Special Features

Folding away

As seen above the Smart Ped is quickly folded away for carrying around on public transport, or even for easier storage if space is an issue. Aside from this it has several other impressive features including its integration with mobile phones. Android and iOS phones can be set to receive data including information about the distance travelled and a special lock feature.

At A Glance:

Easy to put away in a moment’s notice with awesome smartphone integration.

Side view
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The Good And The Bad


  • Folds away for storage or carrying
  • Perfect for commuters.

  • Good build quality
  • This scooter is highly reliable thanks to the build quality.

  • Minimalist design
  • We really appreciate the clean design choice.

  • Smart technology
  • Enjoy a range of special features included an integrated locking feature and statistics sent straight to your mobile.


  • Requires manual assistance
  • Unlike some other electric scooters it requires a little manual assistance to get started. Once it gets going though it can travel for almost 10 minutes before requiring another push.