Kick scootersThe Me-Mover FIT scooter introduces a completely new way of riding which encourages you to get fit!

Starting out as a simple Kickstarter project, Me-Mover has revolutionized riding by providing a scooter built to give you a low impact workout. Certain to work the core, glutes and thigh muscles all at once while improving cardio, the Me-Mover FIT is perfect for those trying to tone up and keep active.

Following successful funding on Kickstarter, the Me-Mover has been brought to market for all fitness and scooter fans to enjoy!

Note From The Editor: You can buy your own Me-Mover from the official store!

Specs & Features

Distance CoverageNo limit!

The Me-Mover FIT has been designed with fitness in mind. It will continue going until you've reached your limit.
SpeedNo limit!

Because the Me-Mover is manually operated, the sky's the limit when it comes to speed!

Design & Ride

Me-Mover FIT design

The scooter offers its lucky riders a durable and safe ride. The Me-Mover has a variety of features which have been praised by many – of note, the handlebars have been adjusted in such a way that you’ll be able to easily navigate around no matter what size you are.

The scooter can be ideal for commuters looking to get in shape as it can be folded up, features a carry strap and also has a cushioned platform perfect for accomodating a comfortable long distance ride if you’re up for the challenge. As you can see from the below image, it works a wide range of muscle groups and shines when compared to other workout equipment in terms of its well-roundedness. Suggested weight limitations vary from 30 kg minimum to around 100 kg maximum.

Me-Mover FIT design

At A Glance:

A smooth operator, perfect for all types of riding. Simple add-ons can even turn this scooter into a stationary home trainer!


Speed & Distance Coverage

As briefly mentioned in the specs table, the Me-Mover is manually operated, meaning it will travel as far and as fast as your body can push it!

At A Glance:

Picking up speeds of up to 35+ kp/h with the ability to keep going until you’re tired proves this scooter is an excellent choice for achieving your fitness goals.



Due to the multiple grip options available, handling is extremely smooth and simple. The scooter is perfect for riding through the park with friends and is a great tool for meeting people.

Superb brake handles in addition to a parking brake results in a highly resistant and gentle ride.

The whopping $300,000 pledged through crowdfunding proves the Me-Mover FIT is the new must-have gadget.

At A Glance:

Adjustable handling and a good grip means you are sure to remain in control!


Special Features

Folding it away

As you can see above the scooter is simple to fold away and can be carried around with ease due to the carry strap provided. Other unique features include the amount of additional accessories available which can be attached to the scooter, including a mobile phone/GPS device holder, a luggage rack, rear light adapters and Vario resistance home trainer for when you need to shred those calories at home.

With attachments you can quickly set it up as a stationary airwalker type device for use at home!

At A Glance:

Featuring a variety of accessories and is adaptable to many environments.

Me-Mover scooter
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The Good And The Bad


  • Ideal workout trainer
  • Providing an effective workout for many muscle groups

  • High quality materials
  • The Me-Mover Fit has a superb build quality, strong and robust.

  • Accessories available
  • We always appreciate being able to add more gadgets and this scooter delivers exactly that.


  • Requires effort
  • Because the scooter is manually operated it requires some effort to move, but this is exactly what we want if we’re hoping to improve our fitness!