Razor E100

The Razor E100 is a favorite choice among many young children (ages 7-11) due to it’s relatively small frame and noted durability. This entry level model is perfect for children looking to learn how to stabilise themselves on larger scale scooters as they grow older, Razor delivers the E200 and E300 models for teenagers.

This review will cover a thorough analysis of the E100 and list why it’s one of the best entry-level scooters available.

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Specs & Features

Battery Life 35 minutes.

Continuous use of the E100 will last for around 30-40 minutes. With an 8 hour full recharge time.
Distance Coverage 16 kilometres (10 miles).

This can vary based on factors including the weight of the rider and the type of terrain you are riding on. A heavier rider and tricky terrain such as grass is likely to reduce the distance you can cover.
Speed16kp/h (10mph).

The E100 can pick up speeds of up to 16kp/h (10mph) which is safe & perfect for starters.
Max. Load100lbs (7 stone).

The 100lbs (7 stone) weight limit is very efficient for the majority of young children.

Design & Build

The E100 has a light, robust frame. Featuring a manually operated brake, small underlaying battery and adjustable handle bar. It’s well constructed form makes this an ideally safe and reliable scooter for children.

At A Glance:

Well built with many optional accessories available for kids.



Due to this product aimed towards young children, the speed may not be it’s greatest feature. However it can easily pick up to 14-17 kp/h (9-10 mph) which is in our eyes very sufficient.

At A Glance:

Speed ranges between 14-17 kp/h (9-10 mph).

Picture of the Razor E100 electric scooter
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The sturdy, yet small frame allows the E100 to be easily thrown into motion. The throttle is simple – either fully on or off. The E100 also requires a manual kickstart, upon reaching 5kp/h 3mph the motor is then activated making this a safe and practical winner.

At A Glance:

Combining a manual brake, this scooter functions safe and soft handling.



The price for the E100 is a very reasonable $135-150, all dependant upon what optional features you wish to add, and where you decide to purchase it from.

At A Glance:

$135-150 – A very good price for such a highly recommended product.

The Good And The Bad


  • Great value
  • The price is very realistic and affordable compared to many other cheap scooters on the market.

  • Sturdy
  • As mentioned previously, it is very sturdy and solidly constructed for a safe ride.

  • Easy part replacement
  • The manufacturers sell many accessories and parts in situations where you may need to replace these.


  • Noted Braking Problems
  • Make sure your children understand not to put their full confidence into using the brake as the only way to stop. Teach them to steer out of situations and release the throttle slowly as there has been many cases where the brake is not acting sufficiently.

  • Possible reliability issues
  • Apart from the brake, no other issues with the operation or build of the scooter has been found.